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MP287 Reset / IP2770 Reset

MP287 LF Series / IP2770 HR Series Reset

Early indications:
When the MP287 printer is turned on, it will immediately appear on the LCD Panel error E08 MP287. And when we do print command, then the monitor screen will show "The Ink Absorber is Almost Full". Caption MP287 E08 error on the screen as follows: how to cope with the Canon MP287 error E08:

  1. How to Reset MP287 Canon E08 error
  2. Turn on the Canon MP287, MP287 LCD then the panel will pop up error E08, and there is a description of "The Ink Absorber is Almost Full" on the screen of your monitor.
  3. Canon MP287 printer must be in a state of SERVICE MODE. Do I read the next step.
  4. Canon MP287 Turn off the E08 error by pressing the power. Do not unplug the power cord
  5. Press and Hold the button "STOP / RESET" followed by pressing the POWER button. So both buttons depressed position.
  6. Release the button STOP / RESET but do not release the button POWER.
  7. In these circumstances the POWER button is still depressed, press the STOP / RESET 6 times.
  8. Then release both buttons simultaneously. Then the Canon MP287 will be in Service Mode condition.
  9. LCD Panel MP287 will blank / dark and in your computer will detect new hardware. Ignore it ...
  10. Download Resetter MP287 at THIS LINK.
  11. Click "Clear ink counter SET".
  12. Then click "EEPROM", and the printer will print the results MP258 Resetter. Writing one line as follows:
  13. Canon MP287 Turn off by pressing the power.
  14. Canon MP287 printer that error E08 will be normal again.

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